iPads in the Classroom

The journey of a thousand learning outcomes begins with a single click…

Preparing for the TLLP Sharing the Learning Summit

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Jennifer Muir-Birtles and I are busy pulling together our materials and reflecting on our year of learning through the TLLP program (Teaching Learning & Leadership Program). This program is jointly sponsored by OTF and the Ontario Ministry of Education.
Through TLLP, Jennifer and I were able to purchase and use 25 iPads in our primary classrooms. We were interested in learning how the use of 1:1 mobile technology might engage and energize our students about learning and problem solving. We also tried to share the technology and the instructional / learning opportunities with other teachers in our school. We concentrated on teachers of grades 3 and 6, though we also included kindergarten, grade 5, and anyone else who expressed an interest. 🙂
What did we learn? We learned that children often feel more comfortable exploring new technology than do adults. We watched with fascination as students explored new apps, shared what they were doing with each other, learned from each other, and negotiated important problem solving skills such as navigating uncharted territories without fear and how to take turns with a partner.


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